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YWTT: I’ve Had a Crush and Didn’t Know It

This post is part of the You Write the Title series – submitted by Steve.

This has happened to me a few times. I am frequently surprised by life. Also by my own feelings, in hindsight. This may mean I’m not quick on the uptake, or even self-delusional. I prefer to think of it as remaining unspoiled. I suspect it’s a mix.

I’m usually a pretty good guesser on how people are feeling. It falls apart, though, when it comes to how people feel about me. My brain gets overwhelmed with presuppositions and presumptions, hopes and fears. It’s a lot easier to figure out how someone feels about something that isn’t you.

A crush can surprise you, but I think falling in love is a decision. Love you decide to jump into. There’s usually a point where you know you’re teetering.

It’s pretty easy to shake off a crush. They don’t mean much. Love is a lot harder to climb out of.


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