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World’s Greatest…

This post is part of the You Write the Title series, and was suggested by Erin. She didn’t say the world’s greatest WHAT, so I’m going with smells.

What’s the world’s greatest smell for you? (And no, no points for the first one to say “napalm in the morning”. I know who you’d be anyway.)



lavender scented baby cream
pina coladas — double bonus if you can smell the ocean at the same time
fresh herbs — I am not picky. Basil, Mint, Thyme..
Garlic, onions and bacon cooking in a pan
Spring — that warm ground pollen smell


Sunday sauce made by my husband or anyone related to him, ocean breezes, & the air during a sunny midsummer game at Yankee stadium.

Bob LeDrew

Tie score:

1. Springbank whisky.
2. My mom’s chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven.


The leather of a well broken-in baseball glove. Freshly cut grass. An open fire on a cold night outdoors. A v-twin cooling off.
Napalm smells like crap by the way.

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