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Because I am powerless when someone directs me to take a quiz, ever since back when YM had those dumb ones, where it was obvious which answers were for each result, but you took it anyway, and cheated to get the result you wanted because IT MATTERED. 

Name: Sarah Anita Morgan. Subfact: I love my name.

Nickname: I haven’t really got one. I’ve had some from individuals but never one used broadly.

Birthday: March 3.

Gender: Lady.

Sexuality: I appreciate the gentlemen.

Height: 5’6″.

Time zone: Eastern.

Time and date: Afternoonish, Tuesday.

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Eight. I will cut you if you disrupt my sleep.

The last thing I Googled was: “Gender and sexuality,” because those questions above reminded me that I had a vague sense that descriptions are a lot more complex than they used to be. Now, thanks to superscientific internet quizzes, I know that you could call me heteroflexible, supersexual or demisexual. Okay. I guess. I don’t know. I like that the world is starting to see that people don’t just go into one or two buckets. That’s good. I’m just not sure that using more words is the solution. It’s just more buckets, isn’t it? But I do think at least it’s the right direction. It’s on the way to better.

My most used phrase(s): “Lovely” and “fantastic.”

First word that comes to mind: “Breathe.”

What I last said to a family member: “I love you,” I think. I hope so, anyway.

One place that makes me happy: Sitting in an airline seat.

How I sleep: On my back, covers up to my neck, at least one hand by my head. Which WebMD says is “the starfish,” and means I’m a good listener, don’t like being the center of attention, won’t get too many wrinkles, and might be prone to indigestion. WebMD, at some point you have become unnervingly like a YM quiz.

Favorite beverage: Water. Always. Water water water. And now I’m thirsty.

The last movie I watched in the cinema: This weekend I had a sick-day trifecta of Thor, Captain America and Jurassic Park. But going to the theatre? The Lego Movie, I think.

Three things I can’t live without: iPhone. Paper and pen. Sweat.

Something I plan on learning: French. Drifting a car. Skipping a stone.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Sit still, close your eyes, and take three breaths as slowly as you can. Repeat.

You all have to listen to this: Everything in my Required Viewing post. But musically, lately, PR/DES and Ella Henderson.

My blog(s): Oh, they’re everywhere.


Food: Cuisine? Mediterranean. Greek or Moroccan or Spanish. Item? Ice cream. Vanilla.

Drink: Water, lukewarm. Peppermint tea, strong and fresh. A really amazing glass of wine.

Movie: Just one? Love Actually.

TV shows: Sherlock. I go through phases. Previous ones have included Top Gear, Mythbusters, Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. Random story about how much I can love a TV show: when I was five, I had a little ruffled red plaid shirt that tied at the bottom, and I had to put it on to watch the Dukes of Hazzard. Five-year-old me had a massive crush on Luke Duke.

Band: Meh. I don’t care about music like Real Music Lovers. I like a lot of pop music and a wide variety of everything else. However, the best live band is Cowboy Mouth. True fact.

Actor: The Cumberbatch. Also: Patrick Stewart. Paul Rudd. Colin Firth. Neil Patrick Harris. Jason Statham.

Actress: Judi Dench. Also: Cate Blanchett. Kate Winslet. Emma Thompson.


Siblings: One little brother, but let’s be real, I’ve looked up to him in every way since I was 15.

Dream job: I write all day, and on the side I teach kids. I… I basically have my dream job, but typing that terrifies me. It feels like tempting fate. What if the universe decides I’m too happy? What if I’m not good enough? Please, please don’t tell the universe I’m happy. (Is that a normal reaction?)

Fears: I’m paralyzingly afraid of heights no matter what I do. I’m more claustrophobic than I’ll admit. I’m not much afraid of the dark or spiders or public speaking anymore. But commitment and insecurity… I’m working on.

Religion: Catholic. But I believe church is like family – Just as no family is “the right kind,” no religion is either. It’s just where you feel at home. Whatever names and structures you use, if they’re organized around love, and that’s what your actions show and mean, that’s what matters. He’s not petty enough to care what you call Him.

Tattoos: I have one that looks just exactly like a killer neck scar.

Piercings: Five.

Languages: English. Barely enough French and Spanish to travel.



This post makes me miss you. And YM.


In so many ways, we share the same brain. But we knew that already. 🙂


I love you even more now that you published your list of favorite actors!

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