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Interesting Times: Update 12 – Business As Usual

I love you, Hugh MacLeod.

As I mentioned last time, my last blood work still showed that there’s a bit of something going on. A very small bit, but a bit. So last week I had a CT scan, an ultrasound and an MRI to see what we could see.

(As an aside: It seems I’m slightly more claustrophobic than I’d like to admit. As I was extricated from my MRI, the technician couldn’t help but comment on how I was white as a sheet. Another phobia to conquer. You’re not beating me, big noisy tube.)

Anyway. My lungs are clear, which is excellent. And while the MRI showed a few, small, questionable lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, it also showed that one other one is decreasing in size – and the ultrasound didn’t see anything of note in that area at all.

The right side of my neck is where 53 lymph nodes were removed last year. I’m of the opinion that there’s a few still reeling and slowly getting back to normal.

In any case, there’s nothing to do at this point. In the fall, I’ll have another ultrasound, which will focus on that area, and more blood work. Until then, I heal up the good stuff and kill off the bad stuff. Business as usual.


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