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I Love Geeks

The phlebotomist who waxed lyrical about Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, and went positively into raptures about the possibility of getting her own copy for Christmas.

The historian who finds out what people centuries ago snacked on, or what kind of shoelaces they wore, or what kind of curse words they used.

The pet-store clerk who spent 10 minutes lecturing on Labrador puppies, flushable cat litter, and how to help a shedding gecko peel off its skin, all while demonstrating the latter with infinite care.

The trainer who never loses an opportunity to educate people about healthier choices.

My coworkers, who make – and laugh at – puns in interventional cardiology terminology.

The chemical engineer who, while cooking an amazing meal, will describe the viscosity of a sauce both in terms of its taste and in terms of its molecular structure.

I love these people. I need these people. The world needs these people.

The world needs people who care passionately about things. People who light up like Christmas at the chance to talk in detail about the things they care about. Crazy things. Silly things. Obscure things, ridiculously complex things, recklessly dangerous, utterly mundane, seemingly unimportant things. The world needs people who throw their hearts into what they do.

The world needs geeks.

Otherwise, how would the rest of us learn?



Viscosity is important!

I think the most important thing in the world is having people who are passionate about things and want others to know about them too. If you’re not a geek about something, I rarely have time for you. Then what’s to learn??


Yay for geeks!

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