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Finish Me Anonymously

Songs that make me cry include but are not limited to



I try not to make it a habit of crying over songs, but sometimes these will get the better of me for one reason or another:
Pictures of You – The Cure
Fix You – Coldplay (especially after watching “[email protected]”)
Always a Woman – Billy Joel
Hurt – Johnny Cash

Just Some Guy

Never was one for much anonymity…

I Say Love — Todd Thibaud (And no, I didn’t add it just because you did, but you can likely figure out who this is based on that.)
I Believe — Diamond Rio
Home — Michael Buble
Fields of Gold — Eva Cassidy

Generally, the theme of redemption — romantic, spiritual or otherwise — is the big tearjerker for me.

If I had to pick a theme

Sarah Morgan

(here are mine)

Angel – Matt Nathanson
It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down
I Say Love – Todd Thibaud
I’ll Cover You (reprise) – original Broadway cast of RENT

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