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mistaken identity

Mistaken Identity: Episodes 226-250 – Contact!

Yes, there’s much afoot at the start of the year. Three of particular note follow, saving the BEST ONE EVER for last.

* * *
From: Richie
Subject: Image Magazine debs photos

Hi Girls

Hope you all had a great night at the debs. I have attached a contact sheet of pictures if you would like to get prints.
Image printed different colour dresses so there was a lot of nice shots that didn’t appear in the magazine.

If you would like any prints just email me

Talk to you soon

I haven’t included the contact sheet because it’s a bunch of teenage kids and their full names. But it’s fun to see an Other Me. She has great taste in dresses and a very cute boyfriend, kind of Jonas-Brothers-y. But – I thought debutante things were from the Southern U.S., not England? Is this not the case? Did I not pay enough attention watching What a Girl Wants?

Did I just admit that?

Ahem. Onward.

* * *

From: Jenny
Subject: Indoor soccer


Here’ the link to register for indoor if you interested. IF you are interested you will want to go online & register. Come 15 minutes early. Please have Delani wear a white tshirt. I have a blue jersey if we wear thoughs for her. I will also be forwarding you more messages that I have recieved. Any questions call me.



So if anyone else is having trouble finding the registration tab like I did, here it is [REDACTED]. You can pay your fee online, but it only lets you pay a max of $40.

I paid the $40 online and will have the difference with Maddie on Saturday. 🙂 Thanks for doing this another session.


I’m leaving out the subsequent indoor-soccer-scheduling drama, but suffice it to say that Delani is a very busy little girl.

* * *

From: Gary
Subject: FW: Country T-Top model information

Hi Sarah… you have a Country wood stove, which is great.. A very robust wood stove with a great reputation for heating. Do you know how old it is? Lennox bought Country a few years ago. The stoves are built in Auburn, Washington, not far from Bainbridge. The unit is likely an EPA certified unit , depending on age. It should have secondary air tubes on the ceiling of the unit. When you damper it down in the evening it goes into a secondary burn , which burns all gases and gives a longer burn time. If you send me an exact model number I can send you a owners manual.
Regards Gary

Okay, so this isn’t thrilling, I know.


It’s the very first time an Other Me has made contact!

From: Other Me with an S at the end
Subject: Re: Country T-Top model information

Dear Sarah,

Thanks again for forwarding the wood stove email.

I just checked out your blog, and have to claim Mistaken Episode #203 (boating class) as intended for me as well. However, there must still be a different “Tacoma Sarah” out there, as I did not run in the Turkey Trot. Inspiring to know that someone with a name so close to my own is participating in charity runs, though. I’ve always thought I’d have to work my ass off to be in shape enough to run a race–now I realize that I just have to work my s off.

Take care,
Plural You

I love her! You love her too, don’t you? Of course you do! But of course you do. How could you not be fabulous with a name like ours?



Well, that just proves it – the Sarah Morgan(s) of the world are the coolest!

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