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Facebook to Blog to New York Times

So, I’m the lead in an article in tomorrow’s New York Times Styles section.

Lest that sound fancy and important and, well, real, let me tell you the rest of the story. It’s about this post.

On the list of things I ever thought I’d get in the Times for – and before I go any further, let me tell you, that list is ZERO ITEMS LONG, but if there were a list – item number LAST would be “goofy memes from Facebook”.

Three thoughts from my brother sum this up better than I could:

Matt: I was going to make fun of you for following the herd, but Christ, you’re in the Times.

Matt: Seriously, no matter how goofy the article is, how many people can claim to have their name being the opening two words to an article in the world’s most famous newspaper?

Matt: Not only are you in all the news that’s fit to print, but you are also ordering everyone who reads it to go to therapy. Very accurate.



Woah….you were pretty awesome before, but now…..

Sarah Morgan

I am most emphatically not responsible for it; I just got carried along with it. Except just a little more publicly than most.

A stranger recognized me today in Philadelphia. It was disconcerting.


I believe I am supposed to offer my congratulations…But, I am finding it difficult as I am currently STUNNED that you had any part in the ’25 random things’ hysteria taking over facebook.

Sarah Morgan

Hee, thanks guys.


I am so proud of you.

Since I can’t drive yet, I had to have Sac buy a copy. We’re saving it for Ryann. I forgot to get her a paper on her birthday, but it is way cooler to have your aunt in a paper the first week of your life.


um. that’s awesome and fabulous and it makes me laugh more than a little. Great photo, too!

Patricia O'Donnell

Never mind! I found them. Guess I’m not that unsavvy.
Your therapy theory is brilliant. Patricia

Patricia O'Donnell

I’m so proud. Beautiful picture and such an amusing article.
Being old, I never heard of such things. Where may I find all 25 of your “secrets”? Love, Aunt P

Tommy M

Wow! Congrats!


THEIR name is mentioned. … I hate myself a little bit more each time I goof their/they’re/there.


“Congratulations! I’ve been in the Times once, and I bought about 15 copies of it.”

AND THAT is how newspapers can be saved. If the Times, WaPo, WSJ, whoever — if everyone in America bought 15 copies of the newspaper when they’re name is mentioned — and if there was a conscious effort to print everyone’s name within time … I don’t do math, but that seems like a lot of money.


You are quite the fancy pants, aren’t you? Just like I always knew you were. Maria is very happy for her bestest friend 🙂


That’s so awesome. Congratulations for setting the agenda!


I hit enter before I finished my comment.

Anyways, it’s still pretty damn cool. Your brother is definitely right!


Congratulations! I’ve been in the Times once, and I bought about 15 copies of it.

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