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Searching for Answers

In which I consider some of the more interesting searches that led people to my site in the first half of the year. 

“are hipsters introverts”
This one made me laugh out loud. We introverts are not to blame for hipsters. Don’t you even.

There may be pretentious young adults who live in Williamsburg with beanies and douchey records who happen to be introverts. Drawing a correlation would be a logical fallacy. Hipsters are affectedly disaffected, unironically ironic, exhaustingly alternative. None of those are effects of introversion.

“does being an introvert make you unhappy”
Being an introvert doesn’t make you unhappy. Or a hipster. It doesn’t make you anything, really.

Here it is, as best I understand it and as simply as I can put it. Introverts find that interacting with people (even the ones you love best) takes energy. Extraverts find that interacting with people provides energy. What you do with that information is what makes you happy or unhappy.

Being an introvert doesn’t make you unhappy, but forcing yourself to behave like an extravert can. And oddly, allowing your introversion free rein can too. Same with extraversion: you have to give yourself balance even if you don’t always want it, but you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not, either. /preach

“ee cummings poem spring has sprung the grass is ris”
That’s not e.e. cummings. Though I quoted it once to lead into an e.e. cummings poem. Read that one instead; it’s much better. “The mountains are dancing” – I love that poem.

Well. My goddaughter has learned how to google, is all this means.

“hitler was ticklish”
The moral of the story here, kids, is that linkbait works. I wish I were above that. I’m not.

“the truth about english majors”
Here it is.



I am delighted that flamingo is listed.

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