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YWTT: In Praise of Ostriches

This post is part of the You Write the Title series – title submitted by Steve, who clearly just wanted to see if I would.

I would.

The ostrich is a funny bird,
All legs and neck and wings.
It does not fly or swim or hop,
It does not even sing.

It likes to stick its head down deep
To hide from what it sees.
And on that count, my avian friend,
You and I, at times, agree.


James Chase

Eight profound, delicious lines
Of genius, without question
You’ll never stump Ms. Morgan
With an ostrich-blog suggestion

Sarah Morgan

Aimee, that’s absolutely the best compliment on my writing I’ve ever gotten.


Memorized because a two year old thinks this poem is “very very good and fun-dy.”

Steve Woodruff

A poem, even? I’m honored!!! :>}


They also make a tasty burger.

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